Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Welcome to PrevChat

What is PrevChat?
#PrevChat is an online chat over the social messaging service Twitter.

Anyone with a role in and passion for prevention and wellness who has a willingness to share knowledge, concerns, interests, ideas, vision, or resources that promote prevention, health and wellness. We encourage participation from multiple disciplines to make the chats lively and informative.

PrevChat is an opportunity to connect and share resources, ideas and possibilities with other people who are equally energized about prevention and wellness. Whether you are working with people in organizations or communities we find we hold a lot in common and can learn with and from each other. It is the intention for these conversations to reach across disciplines so we can make new connections and thereby increase our learning rather than simply preaching to the choir. Health care costs are a significant problem for all of us working in behavioral health, health promotion, medical, or substance abuse prevention. Rather than micro-focus on specific areas we'd like to include anyone who has a passion and willingness to share and learn.

When is PrevChat? 
Prevchat is currently scheduled for each 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month. One during work hours and one during evening hours.
  • The 2nd Tuesday at 1:00 ET / Noon CT / 11:00 MT and 10:00 PT. 
  • The 4th Tuesday at 9:00 PM ET / 8:00 CT / 7:00 MT 6:00 PT
Online via Twitter (#PrevChat) and related supportive tools (instructions).

Topics? Our focus is on topics related to prevention and wellness. Topics are announced the Friday before the scheduled #PrevChat.

How to stay informed?
The official Twitter account for PrevChat is @prevchat.  Follow this Twitter account to stay informed.

Instructions for how to #PrevChat remain listed in the right navigation.

Come join in the conversation.